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After searching for months now, you’ve found your ideal home and then comes the process of putting in your initial offer. When you go to buy a house, you are certainly hoping and praying to get the best price and terms.

When getting into a property transaction in Kenya, there are several imperative things you need to fully understand and research on. Like any legitimate business, the existence of getting swindled or ‘conned’ is as much a possibility as getting the right deal.

1. Check out for the state of the Market.

This affects the pricing of the property. If the demand for good and quality properties is higher than the supply, the prices go up and vice versa.

While buying your ideal property, one must visit the location of the it in order to see the reality, to have the visuals and put a clear image to the imagination one has.


In every company there are the main services that they offer. These services mostly include what they are good at, what they can offer at the very level best.

Home ownership is more than having a roof over your head and much more than building impartiality. From health benefits to better financial situations, you can feel great about your purchase with the below heads-up…

Real estate agent is the person working individually or is associated with a company or an association which could help one to buy or sell property, a house, a plot or a land.

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